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You were late for the bus and it’s taking off without you. What do you do?

Wait for the next one – it’ll be there shortly

Fall to my knees in the middle of the street and cry

Run after it hoping it will see me and stop

How far do you stand from the edge of the
light rail station platform?

As closely as possible – I want to be the first one on

I like to stand on the white bumpy part – it massages my feet

I always stand behind the textured strip

To get to a light rail station, you usually:

Walk or bike across the train tracks

Try out a new skateboarding trick

Use the designated crosswalk

While walking across an intersection, what else might you be doing?

Checking my email or texting my friends

Paying attention to my surroundings

Lunges and cartwheels

You’re in a hurry and stuck at a light. The sign says no turn on red. What do you do?

What sign?

Wait a few seconds for the light to change

Make sure light rail isn’t coming, then turn

What’s the first thing you do when you
get on the bus or train?

Grab a seat or stand while holding on

Rollerblade down the aisle to my seat

Find a spot where I can lean against the doors

The Guardian Angel Quiz

The 10 Angelosophies

  1. If you don’t have wings, don’t jaywalk
  2. Keep your face out of your phone when you’re crossing the street
  3. Stop on red or start looking for someone else to save you
  4. Save us time and read the signs
  5. Pay attention while driving, or you could pay dearly
  6. If you’re late, just wait — don’t run after the bus or train
  7. Humans don’t fly gracefully — find a seat or hold on
  8. Arrive five minutes early to put us both at ease.
  9. Don’t take us for granted — always use a crosswalk
  10. To avoid close calls, stand far away from the platform or curb
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